Day 111 : Bush Camp to Salta

We crossed the border in the morning and soon enough found ourselves on the nice roads of Argentina. We drove for most of the day to reach Salta and arrived in the late afternoon. We were staying in a hostal in the center of the city and had to park on a busy road and try to unload as quickly as possible as we were holding up the local traffic. The town was very busy with everyone out doing Christmas shopping.

Keryn and I spent a frustrating time walking around the city trying to find a money machine that would give us more than $300 Pesos (around $85 US). The local limits on ATM withdrawals are painful to deal with and in the end the best we could manage was a $600 Peso withdrawal. This would prove to be a constant problem in Argentina.

We had dinner at a local restaurant a taxi ride away from the hostal. Rhys and Vanessa had invited a few people along for the meal; an ex-driver who now ran a workshop in Salta and a kiwi guy recently in the country working at the workshop. The restaurant specialised in steak and we all had sumptuous meals, my first proper Argentinean steak was not a disappointment.

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