Day 124 : Santiago

In an effort to see some of Santiago Keryn and I managed to get out to a hill in town where there is a cable car that takes you up for some nice views over town. We arrived to find that the cable car was shut so we walked back by a nice little market […]

Day 123 : Part 9 : Santiago

It was another day of shopping and wandering. I was still burning DVD’s for everyone and backing up photos at points during the day as well. In the afternoon we said goodbye to Erika and Lucy, their trip over. We had a pre-departure meeting in the evening for the next section of the trip and […]

Day 122 : Santiago

In the morning Keryn and I wandered around the shops and I got some photos done for giving to Rhys and Vanessa as a parting gift. Keryn did much the same walk in the afternoon with Janet and Angie looking for clothes to wear to the New Years party and I spent the afternoon burning […]

Day 121 : Mendoza to Santiago

Our destination today was the city of Santiago in Chile and as such there was another border crossing to negotiate. We drove over the Andes and same down towards the border and near to the site we came out of a tunnel to see a long line of cars snaking along the road. We hoped […]

Day 120 : Mendoza

We spent most of the day in Mendoza doing some shopping and just wandering around. It was a relaxing day with maybe a bit much walking but there wasn’t really a lot else that we wanted to do and the campsite wasn’t that exciting to stay for the day. In the evening Rhys did another […]

Day 119 : Mendoza

We had a wine tour booked today but first had to pack all our bags on to the truck as we would be camping later in the day. The tour took us to three different wineries for some tasting followed by a big lunch at a restaurant. The wineries were of different sizes, the first […]

Day 118 : Mendoza

So we come to Christmas Day. A late rise was followed by a champagne brunch, it was a very relaxing day. Other than some chatting via Skype we didn’t do a lot other than eat and drink. Everyone received their secret Santa gifts, Rhys dressing up again for the occasion. I got an Argentinean football […]

Day 117 : San Juan to Mendoza

It only took a few hours to drive on to the city of Mendoza today, we had a late start and did a little shopping in Mendoza before we set out. In fact it almost took longer to get from the truck park in the city to the hostal we were staying at. The guy […]

Day 116 : Talampaya to San Juan

I’m happy to say I enjoyed the Talampaya tour. A large national park Talampaya has within its boundaries landscape varying from plains to mountains and has many interesting rock formations and an abundance of wildlife (the animals being very good at hiding from us humans). We drove into a canyon, the walls rising up a […]

Day 115 : Bush Camp to Talampaya

From our bush camp we drove on, arriving at a place called the Valley of the Moon in the early afternoon. Here we joined a convoy of vehicles on a guided tour of the valley. The valley is full of interesting rock formations and in different areas there are fossils, large sandstone structures, sculptured valleys […]

Day 114 : Cafayate to Bush Camp

The day dawned hot and clear which was a pity. Our first stop of the day was the site of the Quilmes ruins, an ancient city on the side of a local mountain. Because it was so hot and we were all tired we didn’t really have the required enthusiasm for the tour and I’m […]

Day 113 : Salta Rafting to Cafayate

There are two main reasons to come out to Salta Rafting; the rafting and also zip lining. We had all signed up for zip lining and around 9am we were all kitted out and climbing up a steep valley towards the first line. We had two guides, the main one being Frank who was originally […]

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