Day 123 : Part 9 : Santiago

It was another day of shopping and wandering. I was still burning DVD’s for everyone and backing up photos at points during the day as well.

In the afternoon we said goodbye to Erika and Lucy, their trip over. We had a pre-departure meeting in the evening for the next section of the trip and from Santiago we would be on a different truck with different crew. Billy (driver) and Minette (guide) were our new staff and along with the ten of the new people we had our meeting. The new people are: Chris and Margie from Australia (Chris is a fantastic wildlife artist, check out his work here:, Jimmy from Australia, Kate from Australia, Katie from the USA, Patrick and Janette from Ireland, Antonio from England (though living in Edinburgh), David from New Zealand, Connie from Germany and finally Peta also from New Zealand who would be arriving on the 1st January (Peta works for Kumuka doing audits of trips).

For dinner most of us went to the same steak restaurant we had been to the previous night and it was again good. We got to know a few people a little bit which was good.

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