Day 126 : Santiago to Pucon

We met our new truck today, Famoo being the name. We loaded all our bags and boarded in the morning before driving out of Santiago and heading south towards the town of Pucon in the Chilean lake district. Famoo is an older truck than Tranquilo and while the layout inside is the same there are […]

Day 125 : Santiago

As you might expect today was a recovery day. We went out twice, once to find lunch and then later to find dinner with Rhys, Vanessa and the crew off a different Kumuka truck. We said goodbye to Danny and Angie in the afternoon, they will be especially missed and I don’t think our trip […]

Day 124 : Santiago

In an effort to see some of Santiago Keryn and I managed to get out to a hill in town where there is a cable car that takes you up for some nice views over town. We arrived to find that the cable car was shut so we walked back by a nice little market […]

Day 123 : Part 9 : Santiago

It was another day of shopping and wandering. I was still burning DVD’s for everyone and backing up photos at points during the day as well. In the afternoon we said goodbye to Erika and Lucy, their trip over. We had a pre-departure meeting in the evening for the next section of the trip and […]

Day 122 : Santiago

In the morning Keryn and I wandered around the shops and I got some photos done for giving to Rhys and Vanessa as a parting gift. Keryn did much the same walk in the afternoon with Janet and Angie looking for clothes to wear to the New Years party and I spent the afternoon burning […]

Day 121 : Mendoza to Santiago

Our destination today was the city of Santiago in Chile and as such there was another border crossing to negotiate. We drove over the Andes and same down towards the border and near to the site we came out of a tunnel to see a long line of cars snaking along the road. We hoped […]

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