Wanderlust shortlist

I received an email the other day to tell me that I hadn’t placed in the top photos for the Travel Photographer of the Year competition, which is a pity. However, the next day I received an email to tell me I was short listed in another UK travel photo competition, this time for the […]

Day 111 : Bush Camp to Salta

We crossed the border in the morning and soon enough found ourselves on the nice roads of Argentina. We drove for most of the day to reach Salta and arrived in the late afternoon. We were staying in a hostal in the center of the city and had to park on a busy road and […]

Day 110 : Potosi to Bush Camp

We had a couple of driving days ahead of us to reach the Argentinean border and the city of Salta. A spot was chosen in the evening for a bush camp and after checking with a woman tending some goats we parked up in a fallow field and pitched our tents. It was a very […]

Day 109 : Uyuni to Potosi

We left Uyuni in the morning, just before the barracks next to the Hotel came alive with marching soldiers. We drove for most of the day, arriving in the city of Potosi with only a short while to spare before we had to join a tour of the local co-operative mines. For the mine tour […]

Day 108 : Uyuni

The main reason to visit Uyuni is to take an excursion out onto the salt flats and this is what we did today. In two jeeps we were taken from the hotel and first to a few artisan shops where we could buy textiles and also salt carvings. There was one shop with some large […]

Day 107 : La Paz to Uyuni

Once we were away from La Paz and heading to Uyuni we started travelling on some pretty rough roads. The dirt roads were covered in layers of fine dust and the bumping and sliding causing a few people to feel unwell. I kept expecting us to come over a hill and see the vast salt […]

Day 106 : La Paz

Much of today was spent simply wandering the markets of La Paz looking for Christmas presents. We were all doing a secret Santa gift and also buying a joke gift to be distributed on Christmas day. We had a budget of $10 US for the secret Santa gift and $5 US for the joke. I […]

Day 105 : Rurrenabaque to La Paz

It was difficult for Rhys to get a confirmed time for our flight back to La Paz, we kept being told it was delayed. Thankfully we did manage to fly out in the afternoon, the alternative was a drive of more that thirteen hours in jeeps. We flew out in the same small plane and […]

Day 104 : The Jungle Lodge to Rurrenabaque

We had an early start to head out on the river to look for wildlife. We saw lots of animals as usual and even a few monkeys high up in the trees. Then we went downriver to do some fishing, along the way getting stuck a few times and people having to get out pushing […]

Day 103 : The Jungle Lodge

After breakfast we were taken out onto the plains for a nature walk. The experience felt very similar to the walking we had done in the Okavango Delta in Botswana; a large flat area of dry and cracking mud underfoot with low green vegetation and lots of empty snail shells. In the distance the view […]

Day 102 : La Paz to the Jungle Lodge

The next stop on our trip was the Amazon again, this time a Bolivian section. To get to the jungle we had quite the travel day. In the morning we were scheduled to fly from La Paz to the town of Rurrenabaque on the other side of the Andes. Arriving at the airport we were […]

Part 8 : Day 101 : La Paz

There is a road near La Paz called the death road. It’s a single lane dirt road carved into a mountain side and at many points there are steep drop offs of up to one hundred meters. For years it was one of the main routes towards La Paz but in the last few years […]

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