Day 105 : Rurrenabaque to La Paz

It was difficult for Rhys to get a confirmed time for our flight back to La Paz, we kept being told it was delayed. Thankfully we did manage to fly out in the afternoon, the alternative was a drive of more that thirteen hours in jeeps. We flew out in the same small plane and this time had a better view with less cloud over the Andes. We flew up between the mountains, snow covered rocky peaks all around making me feel insignificant, and then came out the other side to the altiplano with La Paz visible ahead. The descent to the airport was very very steep, it looked like we were going far too fast to land safely but we touched down in one piece and were soon walking into the airport.

Keryn and I took the rest of the day easy, wandering around the streets a little and chilling in the hotel. We had dinner at Oliver’s Travels again but we didn’t dress up this time. Mark went on a tour to a prison in La Paz and told tales of the drug addicted prisoner who led their tour and told of the cocaine factory and other strange things they had seen. It sounds like a disturbing and interesting place to visit.

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