Day 10 : Palenque continued

After a brief visit to the onsite internet cafe (which was like a sauna, hence the breivity of the stay) we joined others at Don Mucho’s for drinks and card playing. The bill payment turned out to be a nightmare with one group of people being overcharged and then waiting an age for the manager to sort out what was going on. We all had dinner at Don Mucho’s as well, the postponed meal from the previous night. The food was good and there were a few local bands playing music as we ate.

There was no rain today which was strange, the first time it hadn’t rained on the trip. This meant the humidity and heat continued into the night which wasn’t so pleasant and this was compounded by a child screaming on and off for a couple of hours in the early morning, so it wasn’t such a restful night in the end.

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