Today we find ourselves in Mexico City at the Hotel Mallorca. We got to the Hotel this morning around 5:30am and after getting our room pretty much just went to bed. The trip had taken us from Heathrow flying with Kuwait Airlines to New York (an uneventful trip). At JFK Airport we had a wait […]

Photos updates

A lot of photos have been added to the Gallery recently, click on the photos below for more. In other news somewhere between taking photos in Richmond and getting home that evening I lost my new tripod – left it on the train no less. I’m definitely getting value out of our insurance at the […]

Interim Solutions

You can see some photos from our recent travels here in a different gallery format: Click on a file to zoom in and then you can navigate using the arrow keys (and zoom out with the space bar). Coming home today I got a surprise – the scaffolding that has been in front of […]

New York

We’re back home at Brentwood now, hopefully soon to get a good nights sleep before back to work we go tomorrow. We had two nights in New York and managed to do a lot of the typical tourist things like view New York from the Empire State Building and take the Staten Island Ferry. It […]

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