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A lot of photos have been added to the Gallery recently, click on the photos below for more. In other news somewhere between taking photos in Richmond and getting home that evening I lost my new tripod – left it on the train no less. I’m definitely getting value out of our insurance at the moment. Oh, while I remember, we’re thinking of moving so Keryn doesn’t have quite such a commute to work. At this stage we’re investigating Richmond – it’s expensive but we like the area and it’ll be a lot easier and quicker for Keryn to get to Stonebridge Park.

What else? I know, Jim and Emma are engaged! Congratulations to them. Corey and Bindy, the Melbournites we met on the second half of our Africa journey, have moved to London so hopefully we’ll be catching up with them soon (and we have a good excuse now for another Africa in Focus reunion which will be good). That’s about it for now, it’s getting colder and darker so winter must not be far away. I must buy some more icebreaker clothing I think.

Stephen Walsh in concert @ Gate 403
Stephen Walsh in concert @ Gate 403 on his last night of Freedom.

Wendy & Stephen get Married in Toronto
Wendy & Stephen get Married in Toronto

A few days in Toronto
A few days in Toronto

The Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
The Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

New York City
New York City.

Richmond Park
A visit to Richmond Park, on the lookout for deer.

With Steve and Wendy
A Beatles tour of London, a cruise down the Thames and a walk around Greenwich.

An Autumn Walk
An Autumn walk in London.

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