A Summer Holiday – Whangarei

Our most northward destination was the Bainbridge home near Whangarei and we had a relaxing week with family around Christmas. From watching the daily antics of the numerous quail families, checking out the other wildlife such as the kereru after seen visiting the big puriri tree at the bottom of the front yard or the […]

Heading north for a holiday – Whangarei to Kerikeri and back

The rest of our Summer holiday was in the end largely defined by the weather. We had Christmas in Whangarei and spent the time with Keryn’s parents and family relaxing and enjoying good food and company. I’m still getting used to the view now the pine forest next door has been cut down (replanting has […]

The Petone Winter Carnival

We again attended the Petone Winter Carnival this year, having enjoyed our visit last time around. We weren’t quite as organised this year and turned up late for the fire sculptures, most of them already alight or finished burning when we finally got to the beach. We got to see the final two burning, the […]

and now somewhere near Whangarei

December 1st Today we visited the Zion Wildlife Gardens just outside of Whangarei. We hadn’t heard about the place until Travis emailed us a picture of him and a white tiger cub taken a couple of weeks ago. Once we found out a bit more we were keen to visit and see some lions and […]

Africa is still coming…for now a quick Australia and NZ update

So I still haven’t written much of anything about the last week or so in Africa…hopefully in the next few days. We’ve had a great time in Australia staying with Steve and Chris in Melbourne. Plenty of shopping and a bit of tourist activity with a couple of days driving along the Great Ocean Road […]

Up in Whangarei

Hello, We have installed ourselves in Whangarei safely – there’s still a lot of redistribution of boxes and other stuff but it should be easy from here. The cats survived the trip well enough, no real complaints. They seem to have adapted to the new environment no problem. We took them for a bush walk […]

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