Africa is still coming…for now a quick Australia and NZ update

So I still haven’t written much of anything about the last week or so in Africa…hopefully in the next few days. We’ve had a great time in Australia staying with Steve and Chris in Melbourne. Plenty of shopping and a bit of tourist activity with a couple of days driving along the Great Ocean Road West and South of Melbourne (very rugged and beautiful). We spent time with my sister Catherine and my brother Richard and his girlfriend Jenna and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Now we’re in New Zealand, staying up near Whangarei with Keryn’s parents and her brother Travis and his English girlfriend Sophie (it’s actually nice to hear an English accent again, I think I’m used to England as home now). We’ve been reacquainted with our cats who have now mostly spent more time with the parents than us and seem to double in size every time we see them again (the last time was a couple of years ago). Keryn also bumped into her old friend Sonja while we were shopping this afternoon, it was nice to catch up.

Keryn and Sonja at The Warehouse in Whangarei.
Keryn and Sonja at The Warehouse in Whangarei

So, that leaves time for a few more photos. Here our the cats: Penny was with Keryn before I met her, Cadbury and Earl we obtained while living in Hamilton and Mufti is a Bainbridge family cat and the elder of the four having turned 16 last week. All of these photos were taken with a new lens I bought in Melbourne, a 50mm lens that is very light and is good for portraits and the like. It lets me get a bit closer than the lens I have already and so far I like the results.





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