and now somewhere near Whangarei

December 1st Today we visited the Zion Wildlife Gardens just outside of Whangarei. We hadn’t heard about the place until Travis emailed us a picture of him and a white tiger cub taken a couple of weeks ago. Once we found out a bit more we were keen to visit and see some lions and […]

Africa is still coming…for now a quick Australia and NZ update

So I still haven’t written much of anything about the last week or so in Africa…hopefully in the next few days. We’ve had a great time in Australia staying with Steve and Chris in Melbourne. Plenty of shopping and a bit of tourist activity with a couple of days driving along the Great Ocean Road […]

Cape Town

Cape Town? What about the rest of the trip? Well, it’ll mostly have to wait. I was ready to upload some of it but the Internet at our hotel doesn’t allow me to upload so for the moment we’ll all have to wait. We’ve had a nice afternoon at a friendly Cape Town hospital where […]

Morning at Brandberg

November 9th – Day Forty Six Waking up pre-dawn under the Brandberg Mountain A bit of a sleep in today with a departure time of 8am. Those on the tarp all woke up before dawn and seeing as I was awake I got my camera and tripod and climbed up a nearby slope of loose […]

Bush Camp at Brandberg

November 8th – Day Forty Five Once dishes were done and tents stowed away we were off once more heading towards the Brandberg Mountain. The trip wasn’t that long, maybe a few hours, and we stopped off at the mining town of Uis to do a bit of shopping along the way. A few people […]

Dusty Roads

November 7th – Day Forty Four After our Himba experience in the north west of Namibia we were now to head back south in search of rock carvings and paintings in the Twyfelfontein and Brandberg Mountain areas. It was another reasonably long drive and this time we had to contend with a number of winding […]

Meeting the Himba

November 6th – Day Forty Three With a long drive ahead of us to reach the Kunene camp near Opuwo we left at 7am. The drive was long and hot along Namibia dusty and dry dirt roads and is best forgotten. We arrived at the campsite in time to make lunch and have a bit […]

Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park

November 5th – Day Forty Two We left the camp site at 8am and had our last drive through the Etosha National Park, leaving on our way towards the nights accommodation at the Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park. The journey out of the park was uneventful, nothing being sighted that we hadn’t already seen and photographed before, […]


November 4th – Day Forty One Today was much like the previous with morning and evening game drives separated by relaxing and writing at camp. The morning drive was mostly uneventful except for a part near the end we came across a lioness lounging near the side of the road. As she wandered back into […]


November 3rd – Day Forty The plan was to leave early and drive to the furthest of the other two rest camps, Okaukuejo. Along the way we would be passing through the national park so the whole day was a game drive, the length of the drive dictated by what we would be seeing rather […]


November 2nd – Day Thirty Nine Before we could leave this morning we had to collect the washing taken the night before to the camp site laundry service. We were like inquisitive cats not wanting to intrude somewhere they are not meant to be, we’d take turns to loiter near the entrance to the washing […]

Onwards to Namibia

November 1st – Day Thirty Eight Everyone was keen to be back at the truck today so we were up early and sitting around waiting for the boat to arrive for our gear at 7am. All the gear was quickly loaded once the boat had turned up and we were on our way with a […]

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