Photos of our Scottish excursion

Photos of the Outsider Festival and our trip around the Highlands are now in the Gallery. Most of the photos have been there for over a week now, I just keep forgetting to mention it. Oh, and Richard (star prize for looking at photos before I mentioned they were there) it is a shark, a […]

The Scottish Highlands

We’ve been on holiday for a week up in the Scottish highlands. Over the week we have covered about 1200 miles and seen far too many things. Funnily enough given the terrible weather in England over the last week we had a lot of sun which was not what we expected. I’ll write some more […]

We’re married!

We’re married! Click …here… to see what happened on the day. More photos will be put up once we’re back from honeymoon. …Click… for wedding photos


Hello all. Our website was updated over the weekend (it’s now running on Windows 2003 Servers) and as a result the guestbook isn’t working right now. Everything else should be fine. Only three more days of work after today, Keryn’s off already and is spending time with Heidi who flew in from NZ last night. […]

A weekend around Loch Lomond

Right, here’s some photos from our travels in Scotland on the weekend. Friday night we drove up, leaving Watford at 4:30pm and arriving at our B&B, near Glasgow, just after 1am. Saturday morning we met with John Hendry at 9am and had a nice, enlightening talk about the wedding day and what needs to happen […]

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