Day 48 : Punta Uva

After breakfast was eaten we had the pleasure of upgrading to the house accommodation, a one bedroom cottage with much more space than our bungalow, and a kitchen to boot. Once moved in we again borrowed some bikes and started riding to Puerto Viejo, nine kilometres down the road.

Cycling the jungle track.
Cycling the jungle track

It was already quite warm and humid and the sweat was quick to break out. That said it was an easy ride, the road flat most of the way and mostly tarmac with a few sections of gravel road. Along the way both bikes threw off their chains but we had cleaning clothes so the only cost was a bit of time and some extra sweat. Bill had told us to look out for a turn-off after a bridge that would take us down a path through the jungle alongside the sea and we found it and followed the track, enjoying weaving around trees and cycling through the cooler air. The beaches we passed all looked inviting, on one we saw a photo shoot of some description being set up; reflectors and lights being erected. The path bought us out at the outskirts of the township and we did a circuit to see what was around. We needed to use the Internet and also do some food shopping so scoped out the facilities and then settled on an Internet cafe.

The blog was finally updated and we checked some of our future travel details and Keryn chatted with her parents. We’re finally booked for our Galapagos trip but the booking is under review because it is so close to the departure date. It’s a bit rich of GAP to take the booking on a guaranteed trip and then come back and say that they need to look into availability. We’ll just have to see what they say I guess.

The beach by the jungle track.
The beach by the jungle track

We did our shopping, we have a kitchen so might as well use it and save ourselves some money, and then set off back to Pachamama. The return journey wasn’t so fun, my chain coming off repeatedly and eventually I have to walk as it won’t stay on for more than a few pedals. Thankfully we’re not far from Pachamama at this stage. When we arrive we have a cooling shower and then go to the main house to use the phone to organise a nature walk for the following day. Josh and Angie had given us the name of a local guide that they always use, a Caribbean man called Ricki. Unfortunately it turned out that his number had been disconnected (Bill said this isn’t an uncommon thing what with the rigmarole required to pay a cell phone bill in Costa Rica). We instead went with a guide that Bill recommended and everything was sorted out for a walk the next morning.

Evening on Punta Uva.
Evening on Punta Uva

Milky surf as it starts to rain.
Milky surf as it starts to rain

As it started getting dark we walked to the beach and took some photos, returning as the evening rains started. Keryn cooked dinner, pasta with fresh vegetables and chorizo sausage mixed in. It was filling and tasty and much cheaper than a restaurant. Afterwards I finally got up to date with the typing, 42,000 words and counting! That done the bed looked comfortable so I turned off for the night.

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