Part III : Day 31 : Antiqua to Copán Ruinas

A 5am start for the new group heading across the border to Honduras and the town of Copán Ruinas. In addition to Pat and Miriam, Claire and Jenny, Matt, Angie, Keryn and myself we now have; Cecylia from Canada, Richard from England, Leah and Dylan from NZ, Peiter and Andreas from Sweden and Stephan from […]

Day 30 : Antiqua

It rained all night and continued as we got up for the 6am activity this morning. We were heading out to Volcán de Pacaya, an active volcano an hours drive away. The group was taken out to our transport which turned out to be a large yellow bus, the extra room required for the other […]

Day 29 : Back to Antiqua

The journey back to Antiqua took a few hours and was notable only for the different road we came back on. The main road was shut so we took a narrow, windy little country road that was never-the-less in much better condition than the main road. We stopped to admire the view, our only real […]

Day 28 : Panajanchel

Ten of us had selected a boat tour of the lake this morning. From the hotel we walked down to the lakeside docks, all simple wooden structures a few planks wide, and boarded our basic vessel. The first ride saw us head west across the lake to the Hotel La Casa Del Mundo for breakfast. […]

Day 27 : Travel to Panajanchel via Chichicastenango

Antiqua was mostly just an overnight rest stop at this point, we’d be back in a few days to have a good look at the city. Today we drove off early in a van heading to the lakeside town of Panajachel. To break up the trip, and because it’s worth visiting, we were stopping at […]

Day 26 : Travel to Antiqua (Keryn’s Birthday)

A long driving day became slightly less painful by the generosity of the bus company. First up was a five hour drive in a slightly old but comfortable bus. One stop was had at a roadside cafe, otherwise the drive nice and easy. Reaching the hive of activity that was Guatemala City we got off […]

Day 25 : Rio Dulce

We headed out onto the river today, checking out the start of the nearby lake before heading downriver towards the Caribbean town of Livingston. Actually the first stop was at a river side service station to get some petrol, but that wasn’t particularly interesting. Upriver to the start of the lake we slowly moved around […]

Day 24 : Travel to Rio Dulce

A travel day again. We got the van again and had a slightly cramped journey on to the rather dodgy town of Rio Dolce. I’ve noticed on this trip that there are a number of judder bars/speed bumps (delete as appropriate for your country) along the way, consistent through the three countries we have so […]

Day 23 : Tikal

We needed to get up early to give us time to get to Tikal and get into position for sunrise. We would be viewing from Temple 4, the largest temple at Tikal at the west of the site, perfectly placed to watch the sun rise over the jungle and protruding temple tops. Our guide and […]

Day 22 : Trek Stop and travelling to Flores

The plan had been for many of the group to go tubing down the nearby river this morning. In the end only three people went; Josh, Tash and Joe. Keryn and I had decided to have another lazy morning and most of the rest of the group slept in, either because they’d been up really […]

Part II: Mayan Sun

Cancún to Antigua (13 September – 28 September 2008) Mayan Sun with GAP Adventures

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