Day 47 : Punta Uva

We planned to relax on this part of our trip and today was a case in point. Breakfast was bought to our room around 8am and afterwards we headed out to explore. We walked down to the beach we had visited the night before and walked along by the incoming waves following the curve of the beach. Storms had washed up plenty of flotsam to the high tide mark, broken branches and other bits of vegetation littered the sand. It was a warm but grey day and there were not many people on the beach, we passed a couple of woman in the low surf playing fetch with a black Labrador and said hello to a man walking in the opposite direction. Coming around the head of the bay we saw children playing in amongst the seaside jungle and further on saw them walking with their minder, maybe a teacher or day care worker.

Heading to the road from the beach we were joined by a thin tabby tom cat that consented to walk with us for a short while. Reaching the road we stopped off at an Internet cafe which consisted of a low thatched roof over a long bench that was lined with an array of laptops. Internet time complete we walked back along the road to Pachamama and bought some supplies at a store we had seen the previous night.

The afternoon was spent relaxing and typing. We borrowed bikes in the evening and rode down to the Jungle Love Cafe for dinner, a much better experience than the previous night. We shared a pizza and felt slightly out of place not dressed up and sweaty in the popular little restaurant. Riding back the chain came off my single gear cycle and it took a bit of persuasion to get it back in place. It has been a while since I’ve been on a bike and I forget how enjoyable it can be, even on the pitted roads around here. After the peddling exercise sleep was called for, so sleep we did.

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