Day 68 : Near Banós

We had nothing planned today and pretty much did a lot of relaxing. The sun came out for long periods and I was able to take down our tent and dry the groundsheet. We got some washing done and I figured out how to edit movies using the laptop. The horse riding continued in Keryn’s absence, Sean taking her place.

The pool at Rich's place, spot the Scotsman
The pool at Rich’s place, spot the Scotsman

Looking down the valley from the hammock seats
Looking down the valley from the hammock seats


In the evening we all went to some hot springs in Banós and spent nearly an hour in a piping hot pool relaxing our muscles. Sometimes this holiday lark can be so difficult! Oh, and we found out that Barack Obama won the USA Presidential elections, I hope the change is a good one.

Danny and I are the truck Wallahs, we do whatever Rhys wants us to do. This evening we assisted with a BBQ, keeping an eye on the cooking meat and serving up. As our last night at Rich’s we cooked for Rich, B and Gloria and said thank you after eating. It was a good last night but we wish our stay could have been longer.

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