Part II : Day 15 : Cancun

With plenty of time to get up to Cancun we slept in and mucked around this morning. We got the bus up to Cancun leaving just before 1pm. The hotel in Cancun, the Kin Mayab, was in the downtown area rather than the hotel district and luckily was just opposite the ADO bus station. After getting our room we headed out to get some food from the nearby supermarket and while there talked to a tour salesman about Whale Shark snorkelling. The guy was helpful and we got some prices to compare against our intended tour operator.

We then headed to the Hotel district to find the Dreams Hotel; we had been recommended a dive shop by someone in Playa and it was apparently near Dreams. The bus was easy to catch and we soon found ourselves in amongst the slightly trashy area near the hotel. Walking we soon spotted the sign for the Just Diving shop and we followed the sign to come to a thatched building facing a lovely white sand beach. This turned out to be a wave rider rental place but they were associated with the dive shop and gave us a 10% discount card before pointing us towards the dive shop reception. We signed up for a Whale Shark trip the next day and then headed back to our hotel.

In the evening we joined with the new group for the first time: Joshua our guide; Angie the guide learning the route; the three kiwis Mark, Amy and Tash; the English lads Joe, Matt and Sam; plus those from the last trip carrying on – Claire, Jenny, Pat and Miriam. Most of us went to a local restaurant for dinner and we started to get to know our new companions. After dinner we were back to the room to pack for one more early start the next day.

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