Day 124 : Santiago

In an effort to see some of Santiago Keryn and I managed to get out to a hill in town where there is a cable car that takes you up for some nice views over town. We arrived to find that the cable car was shut so we walked back by a nice little market […]

Day 112 : Salta to Salta Rafting

The activity for today was horse riding with a company called Say Ta. We were driven out to the house where we would take our ride and then have a meal. This was the perfect introduction to Argentina, the day was nigh on perfect. At the house we were met by Melanie, a Swiss woman […]

Day 108 : Uyuni

The main reason to visit Uyuni is to take an excursion out onto the salt flats and this is what we did today. In two jeeps we were taken from the hotel and first to a few artisan shops where we could buy textiles and also salt carvings. There was one shop with some large […]

Day 91 : Cusco and the Sacred Valley

A bus arrived this morning to transport us through a tour of the Sacred Valley. Our first stop was the Inka site of Sacsayhuaman perched on a hill overlooking Cusco. Our guide Martine sat us down in the wide grassy space between two hill tops and explained about the supposed history of the site. The […]

Day 84 : Nazca to Puerto Inka

For the first time ever on a travel day we were actually leaving in the late morning so we had as much of a sleep in as the temperature would allow. We didn’t do much in the early morning other than returning the empty beer bottles and taking down our tent. We did have a […]

Day 83 : Huacachina to Nazca

The drive today was short, a mere three hours inland to Nazca. The landscape was desert all the way though the large sand dunes slowly disappeared to give us a more arid and flat landscape of white sands and dust. There was the odd area of green, irrigation providing farming opportunities. Before reaching Nazca we […]

Day 82 : Lima to Paracas and Huacachina

Driving out of Lima we headed south following the coast and arrived at the town of Paracas around 10am. At a small jetty we were loaded into an already crowded boat for a trip out to the Ballestas Islands. I was sitting with Gavin, one of the new guys, near the front of the boat […]

Day 78 : Huaraz

I was up early with a group of others for a day trip out to Lake 69. We were to climb up the lower slopes of Chacraraju in the Cordillera Blanca, the local name for this area of the Andes. There were six of us; Danny, Albert, Angie, Michelle, Janet and myself. There was a […]

Day 73 : Punta Sal

Keryn was up very early to go Horse riding, not long after sunrise. With Michelle and Angie and their guide Victor they rode along the beach for an hour or so and apparently it was very nice. Danny and I did the same ride in the late afternoon with others going for a longer ride […]

Day 72 : Punta Sal and Mancora

There were a few sore heads this morning. It was impossible to sleep in, the sun hitting the tents quickly turning them into small ovens so we had no real choice in getting up around 7am. Mid morning the crew were heading into the nearby surfing town of Mancora and many of us took the […]

Day 66 : Near BanĂ³s

As this is pretty much the only place on our trip through South America where it’s possible to do canyoning I had signed up for this as todays activity. Shortly after 9am I was getting kitted up along with Sean, Daniel, Janet and Angie. We all got wetsuits, spray jackets, life jackets, abseiling harnesses and […]

Day 64 : The Amazon Jungle

The morning boat trip took us to a local village. We waited on the shore while Fausto cleared our arrival and then walked through the plantations and gardens to reach some of the village buildings. We walked past a house and school to a field where locals were working clearing weeds from the crops of […]

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