Great Weta Race - A Prize

The Great Weta Race pt. 3

There were a number of different groups who went out during the day on the Great Weta Race and as they all came back to the Weta Cave their photos were put on display so everyone could see the fantastic efforts of all concerned. Once the final group came back and the last photos had been viewed there was a period of deliberation and then prizes were awarded. There were various categories including best dressed, most locations visited and more. Keryn and I won for best use of social media for our live blogging of the adventure and the prize was a one-off book Ian had printed (through Blurb) of his favourite photos over the last couple of years. It’s a lovely book and probably the most appropriate thing we could have won so we’re very happy. We thanked Ian and got our new book signed (along with the new guidebook we’d bought in the morning) and then headed home.

Great Weta Race - A PrizePhoto by Brendon & Keryn

With Ian and our prize.

The sun was setting as we drove through Mana so we had a short diversion to the beach at Plimmerton to watch the setting sun. A beautiful end to the days adventure.

Sunset on the beachPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Keryn on the beach.

Sunset from PlimmertonPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Sunset on the beach at Plimmerton.

For any who may wonder how we performed the blogging, a quick outline. I took photos as usual in RAW format and started downloading them as we left Kaitoke onto the laptop we had with us. I set my phone up as a wireless access point, connected wirelessly using the laptop and uploaded the photos to Flickr after processing and exporting using Lightroom. I had typed up text in notepad earlier and used this to create the wordpress blog entry, linking in the flickr photos and published the blog. The second entry was done outside the Weta cave before we went inside using the same process. It was all quite easy in the end.

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