The Great Weta Race pt. 3

There were a number of different groups who went out during the day on the Great Weta Race and as they all came back to the Weta Cave their photos were put on display so everyone could see the fantastic efforts of all concerned. Once the final group came back and the last photos had […]

The Great Weta Race pt. 2

Into Wellington and a quick stop so Keryn could get a photo of Westpac Stadium where crowd noise was taken for use in the films. We stopped to get lunch and then found a park near the Embassy Cinema so I could a shot of the site of the Return of the King premier. Then […]

The Great Weta Race pt. 1

Today we have entered a race organised by Weta and Ian Brodie, author of the Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook. The task is to get around as many of the Wellington region film locations used for the Lord of the Rings movies, taking photos to prove that each place was visited. Starting at the […]

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