Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has been quite relaxed so far. My football was postponed on Friday due to the preceding week of rain so we were able to head out for a walk. Kaitoke was the chosen destination. We had lunch at a picnic table in the glade where a lot of the filming of Rivendell was […]

Amanda Palmer Wellington Ninja Parade

Amanda Palmer is back in Wellington as part of a world tour and she decided to lead a parade around various Wellington locations, stopping here and there to entertain the following. The initial list of locations expanded as some of the more clued by places in Wellington invited her to bring her rag-tag army along […]

Ian McKellen at the Opera House

On Saturday night Keryn and I along with Catherine and Paul attended a show at the Opera House in Wellington. Sir Ian McKellen was performing a one-man show with proceeds in aid of the restoration of the quake-damaged Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch. We had dinner nearby and arrived early enough to get to our […]

The Great Weta Race pt. 3

There were a number of different groups who went out during the day on the Great Weta Race and as they all came back to the Weta Cave their photos were put on display so everyone could see the fantastic efforts of all concerned. Once the final group came back and the last photos had […]

The Great Weta Race pt. 1

Today we have entered a race organised by Weta and Ian Brodie, author of the Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook. The task is to get around as many of the Wellington region film locations used for the Lord of the Rings movies, taking photos to prove that each place was visited. Starting at the […]

Mary Victoria & The Weta Cave

Saturday afternoon we headed to the Weta Cave in Miramar. There were three reasons for a visit. We had a Lord of the Rings statue to pick up (more on that later), there was the recent change of displays at the Cave to look over and we timed the visit (I say we, it’s more […]

Stuff and Nonsense

In no particular order: We might be moving house. The landlord is being redeployed elsewhere in the North Island (he’s a pastor for the ELIM church) and as such the decision has been made to sell the house we currently live in. It may be that the new owners will keep the place as a […]

Back to the Weta Cave

I’ve been working a fair bit of overtime the last couple of weeks which is not conductive to getting out and about. We did manage to squeeze in a visit to the Weta Cave this weekend just gone to attend a book signing by John Howe. John is in Wellington working on the forthcoming Hobbit […]


We attended a talk where Neil Gaiman was the subject this evening at the Criterion Theatre in central London. Neil was interviewed and read a little from Stardust which has it’s London premier tomorrow night. There were questions from the audience and I got to ask if Neil would like to write an episode for […]

Alan and the Circus

On Tuesday night we attended a Circus event on the Southbank. Called Sequins and Sawdust it was a Circus with a story – kind of like a Cirque du Soleil performance done by students without most of the extreme feats of strength and agility. It was good, the actors/performers all seemed to be really enjoying […]


Saturday just gone I made my way into London town and exited the tube at Tottenham Court Road station. From there I walked briskly towards the Forbidden Planet store on Bloomsbury and upon arrival joined the tail of the line snaking it’s way from the back entrance. We were all queuing for a chance to […]

Cooking, Competition, Winning and Michael

Today has been a good day. This morning I got an email from Jennifer at Dar Roumana saying that she would be happy to give us a cooking lesson on the full day of our stay. She mentioned she was just about to go out with some young Brits on a cooking day and was […]

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