Alan and the Circus

On Tuesday night we attended a Circus event on the Southbank. Called Sequins and Sawdust it was a Circus with a story – kind of like a Cirque du Soleil performance done by students without most of the extreme feats of strength and agility. It was good, the actors/performers all seemed to be really enjoying themselves and we had fun. There are lots of Circus photos in the Gallery.

On the trapeze.
On the trapeze

This afternoon gone I made my way once more to the Forbidden Planet store on Shaftsbury Avenue. Signing this time was Alan Lee, artist. I was early enough to be second in the queue and was able to get a couple of books signed, have a brief chat and get my photo taken. Alan is another down to earth guy and I’ll have to spend longer talking to him if I should meet him again.

Me with Alan Lee.
Me with Alan Lee

We’re off sailing this weekend which should be something different. A report will follow.

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