Zealandia Exhibition

This month I’m lucky enough to have an exhibition of my photos at Zealandia. There are 10 photos which are a selection of favourites taken at Zealandia over the past 10 years. The exhibition is in the stairway up to the cafe, free entry and will be in place for all of February.

The final stretch home

We had plenty of time to get from Cheviot to Kaikoura so we had a few good stops. At Kaikoura we went to see the seals at the peninsula. I mistakenly mentioned to Alayna that they were sealions and from then on they were not fur seals, they were sealions. Whoops. We walked out and […]

Clear air views

Saturday night saw a strong southerly blowing through the lower North Island. The wind was mostly gone by Sunday and the afternoon was cool but clear with a uninterrupted views to the western horizon. I’ve been waiting a day like this and as sunset neared I drove north to the viewpoint on the Paekakariki Hill […]

Photos, a festival and a return to Makara Beach

Saturday was quite busy. Keryn spent the afternoon baking in Miramar at Kim’s with a bunch of like minded people. I spent a few hours wandering around Wellington with fellow photographers all taking part in the Wellington leg of the Scott Kelby world-wide photo walk. All around the world walks were taking place on Saturday […]

At the Weta Cave

Photo by Brendon & Keryn Dragons on the gate This last week we’ve twice been out to the Weta Cave in Miramar. On Wednesday evening the director Guillermo del Toro was signing his new novel (written with Chuck Hogan) The Strain and we took along our copy of The Devils Backbone to get that signed […]

Day 100 : Puno to La Paz

Driving from Puno early we headed straight for the border with Bolivia. The border town was busy but thankfully not as much of a market as the previous border. There was a bit of queuing but things went well and we were soon all stamped up and in Bolivia. A view over La Paz We […]

Day 97 : Cusco to Puno

We left Cusco today heading for the city Puno on the shore of Lake Titicaca. We stopped at the monument overlooking Cuzco near Sacsayhuaman and took some group photos as a diversion so Danny wouldn’t realise that a cake was being taken out for him back at the truck. Once the tables were out and […]

Day 85 : Puerto Inka to Arequipa

It was another driving day today. We travelled from Puerto Inka inland to Arequipa, a lovely colonial city. The drive itself was mostly through desert, nothing we hadn’t seen before, and I don’t remember much about it. We left Puerto Inka around 9am and arrived in the late afternoon in Arequipa. A quiet breakfast on […]

The Ritz & Freecycling

A while back Keryn, Fawzia and Heidi came up with the idea of going to the Ritz for high tea but for a variety of reasons it never happened. Keryn has been wanting to go before we left the UK so has been looking on the Ritz website trying to find a slot that might […]

Upcoming Trip

Time seems to be moving very quickly now and before we know it we will be all packed up and heading off on our big trip! Under the Maps menu I’ve added maps of the trip and also under the Calendar menu I’ve put in where I think we will be day by day. Both […]

The gallery is down at the moment

With the gallery down there won’t be any more photos of New York or other such destinations for a while, hopefully not more than a couple of days. There are two issues at the moment; firstly I updated the back end software yesterday and this broke things a little bit, secondly there are server issues […]


Got home, turned on the computer and not much happened. Got Keryn to come and see that the computer was “doing that thing I told you about the other day” and she told me it had turned itself off. Several hours of poking, cleaning, removing components and trying different combinations of graphic cards have led […]

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