The Ritz & Freecycling

A while back Keryn, Fawzia and Heidi came up with the idea of going to the Ritz for high tea but for a variety of reasons it never happened. Keryn has been wanting to go before we left the UK so has been looking on the Ritz website trying to find a slot that might work for a visit. Last week I found a slot for today for four people and Keryn booked it (before she read the fine print that said she’d have to pay for the four-person booking even if there wasn’t four people on the day). Emailing around Fawzia was keen to go and in the end a couple of other people that Fawzia knew went along as well.

So Keryn went off for tea and i stayed at home and got to know the freecycle process. Freecycling, for the uninitiated, is a method of getting rid of things you don’t want involving distribution lists on the Internet. You write a brief description of what you don’t need and people offer to take it off your hands. It’s all done for no cost, unlike ebay or trademe. In the morning I listed a few items on the Brentwood area freecycle list and then spent the rest of the day replying to emails from the people that wanted our stuff. It looks like we’ll find homes for all our unwanted items so that’s good.

I’ve been selling lots of things on ebay over the last few weeks as well, mostly successfully (there have been a couple of people who haven’t got in contact after winning an auction which is always annoying). Keryn has had some success using Gumtree to sell things as well.

Keryn had a good time at the Ritz, as the photos show:

Inside the Ritz
Inside the Ritz

Fawzia and Keryn
Fawzia and Keryn

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