Step 1001 move out

On Saturday morning around 9:30am three men turned up in a Pickfords truck. Over the next six and a bit hours they proceeded to pack all of our things into boxes, wrapping everything up and stacking it in the back of the truck. At 3:00pm a couple of cleaners arrived as well and shortly after 5:00pm we were outside paying the cleaners and then heading out. We have moved out and are now staying for a few days with Stephen and Wendy in South Woodford.

Sunday evening we had dinner with Emma and Jim in Brentwood, it was good to catch up and we’ll have to do it again when they’re in New Zealand next March. A few more days at work, leaving drinks this coming Thursday at The Fence in Farringdon and then off up to Manchester to visit Patty and Sam. It’s all happening.

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