Step 1001 move out

On Saturday morning around 9:30am three men turned up in a Pickfords truck. Over the next six and a bit hours they proceeded to pack all of our things into boxes, wrapping everything up and stacking it in the back of the truck. At 3:00pm a couple of cleaners arrived as well and shortly after […]


Very quick this one. There was an impressive and slow moving electrical storm making it’s way past Brentwood tonight. Here are a couple of shots of the show. Lightning across the sky Lightning bolt!

Weald Country Park

The weather was mild and sunny as we set out to visit Weald Country Park, a short drive to the north-west of Brentwood. We’ve been through the park a few times on walks from home but normally we just walk through. This time we would be spending a bit more time seeing what there was […]

Interim Solutions

You can see some photos from our recent travels here in a different gallery format: Click on a file to zoom in and then you can navigate using the arrow keys (and zoom out with the space bar). Coming home today I got a surprise – the scaffolding that has been in front of […]


Weather wise it has been a lovely weekend. Both Saturday and today have been warm with blue skies and a light breeze blowing through making sure that walking isn’t as hot as it could be. Yesterday we went for a walk in the afternoon that took us through areas of Brentwood we hadn’t explored before. […]

They rang last week

And the photo looks better in the paper. Ben called me and asked me a few questions which resulted in this article which appeared in the Brentwood Gazette this week: Eye for a Photo, The Brentwood Gazette. Just in case anyone thinks I’m obsessing it’s more that we haven’t really done a lot recently so […]


I said I would so here you go. This photo is for those who bought me t-shirts for my birthday, thank you. The pictures on the wall are photos we got printed on canvas using money from the Wedding and my birthday a while back. Me me me

A fox and friends

We’ve had a sociable few days. On Friday night we trekked back up to Muswell Hill and had dinner with Kristy. We ate at Bakko which was our favourite restaurant in Muswell Hill when we lived there and I’m happy to say it is still excellent. We ate our meals and chatted about all sorts […]

Chaos and so on

The tabloids and to a lesser extent the evening papers seem to have a limited vocabulary when it comes to advertising the news. I’m sure the Evening Standard for instance has a quota they must meet every week regarding the use of the word Chaos. Apparently there was to be travel chaos tonight because of […]

A spot of luck

On the weekend we did our irregular monthly shopping at Sainsbury’s in Brentwood. It was a busy day at the supermarket so we weren’t looking forward to queuing for ages to get out. Turns out we did have to queue for a long time but this was because the power failed for all the tills, […]

And on the weekend

As part of the ongoing preparation for our trip starting in late September we have purchased new tramping boots. On Sunday we went for a walk to help break them in. The walk took us from Brentwood, up to South Weald, through the Weald Country park and then back down Ongar Road into Brentwood. It […]

Never saw a Donkey

Patricia and Sam visited Friday night and Saturday after seeing ‘The Cat Empire’ play at the Shepherds Bush Empire on Thursday night. We went out for dinner in Brentwood on Friday night and Saturday was spent consuming pancakes for breakfast before we headed out on a short walk taking in the Brentwood post office (birth […]

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