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The tabloids and to a lesser extent the evening papers seem to have a limited vocabulary when it comes to advertising the news. I’m sure the Evening Standard for instance has a quota they must meet every week regarding the use of the word Chaos. Apparently there was to be travel chaos tonight because of today’s severe weather – a little bit of snow. I didn’t see any travel chaos on the way home, in fact I didn’t even see any travel problems passing through Liverpool Street station which is more of a novelty.

So it snowed this morning. We all knew this was going to happen as the papers had predicted chaos and trouble and more chaos. Because I knew there was to be snow I set the alarm an hour earlier than normal and managed to drag myself out of bed at 5.20am to have a look out the window. “It’s snowing” I said. “Mymph” said Keryn, it being far too early for her to be awake. I had my shower, ate something and was soon out the door and trudging down the road towards the station walking gingerly through the inch or so of snow on the ground. All proceeded nicely, the train was on time and the snow was falling as the train made its way towards Liverpool Street. Unfortunately by the time it reached the city the weather had taken a turn for the more unpleasant and I walked down to the Thames under a cloudy sky spitting sleet and rain rather than more white and fluffy stuff. After a half hour of walking I gave up and went to work rather than be miserable and cope with ever wetter shoes.

Looking through the falling snow at One London Wall.
Looking through the falling snow at One London Wall

More snow falling over the Ironmongers Hall.
More snow falling over the Ironmongers Hall

Around 9am it did start snowing again so I managed to get a few photos from the 15th floor (through the windows). By lunchtime the snow had stopped and London was left looking a bit messy with snow-melt puddles and heaped dirty ice in the corners. At least when I got home there was still some proper snow around so I took a few more shots looking into the backyard.

Snow gathered in the back yard home in Brentwood.
Snow gathered in the back yard home in Brentwood

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