Chaos and so on

The tabloids and to a lesser extent the evening papers seem to have a limited vocabulary when it comes to advertising the news. I’m sure the Evening Standard for instance has a quota they must meet every week regarding the use of the word Chaos. Apparently there was to be travel chaos tonight because of […]


Some photos from this morning. Looking towards the sunrise St Pauls (under repair) in the morning glow One London Wall makes a nice pattern More from One London Wall


There was a nice sunset tonight

London Wall Flower

Taken in the next door garden beside 140 London Wall. A negative flower


More of those flowers. More flowers

Looking out from work

Another old shot, the familar view from the 15th floor out over St. Pauls. St. Pauls

Rooftop shots

A couple of shots from the roof of 140 London Wall yesterday evening. London always looks crammed from up high.size: 106kb Into the sun.size: 59kb

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