Wedding photos

It has been a while but today I was able to upload the photos taken by myself at Bridget and Dean’s Wedding last year. Our current hosting package had it’s one year anniversary today so I was able to upgrade our package to give us lots more space. So, click the photo below to see […]


I said I would so here you go. This photo is for those who bought me t-shirts for my birthday, thank you. The pictures on the wall are photos we got printed on canvas using money from the Wedding and my birthday a while back. Me me me

A fox and friends

We’ve had a sociable few days. On Friday night we trekked back up to Muswell Hill and had dinner with Kristy. We ate at Bakko which was our favourite restaurant in Muswell Hill when we lived there and I’m happy to say it is still excellent. We ate our meals and chatted about all sorts […]

Chaos and so on

The tabloids and to a lesser extent the evening papers seem to have a limited vocabulary when it comes to advertising the news. I’m sure the Evening Standard for instance has a quota they must meet every week regarding the use of the word Chaos. Apparently there was to be travel chaos tonight because of […]

Walking on the weekend

After meeting Terry Gilliam I wandered the streets of London taking photos (lens now set back to auto-focus). The results of this afternoon walk can be seen in the gallery: click here to see London one winters evening in February. Entertainment in Covent Garden


Saturday just gone I made my way into London town and exited the tube at Tottenham Court Road station. From there I walked briskly towards the Forbidden Planet store on Bloomsbury and upon arrival joined the tail of the line snaking it’s way from the back entrance. We were all queuing for a chance to […]

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