A spot of luck

On the weekend we did our irregular monthly shopping at Sainsbury’s in Brentwood. It was a busy day at the supermarket so we weren’t looking forward to queuing for ages to get out. Turns out we did have to queue for a long time but this was because the power failed for all the tills, which was strange as the lights were still on, all the fridge’s were working and the pharmacy till was still working ok. This did mean that they had no way of scanning all our goods so the managers decided to shut the doors and then processed everyone’s shopping using the trusty ‘guess’ method. Our trolley-load of stuff earned us a bill of £20, I’m sure it was worth at least three times that but we weren’t arguing and they just wanted to get everyone out. All the customers were first annoyed at the wait, then bemused as they saw people on the tills making random guesses at prices and then happy when they got their underestimated request for payment.

In other news another of my photos has been stolen. Compare the photo of Dave Dobbyn from the gallery with the small photo at the top of this promo for NZ T-Shirt company H for Home. I’ve emailed them asking for an apology, we’ll see what they say.

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