A spot of luck

On the weekend we did our irregular monthly shopping at Sainsbury’s in Brentwood. It was a busy day at the supermarket so we weren’t looking forward to queuing for ages to get out. Turns out we did have to queue for a long time but this was because the power failed for all the tills, […]

Dave at Dingwalls

We saw Dave Dobbyn at Dingwalls in Camden last night and it was a proper Kiwi experience. Dave was funny and enjoying himself and everyone (wall to wall Kiwi expats) had a blast. Not only did I win tickets to the concert and get a free CD but I also got thrown a t-shirt by […]

More on SLL

Shoot London Lite was an event organised by the people at Shoot Experience. On the Saturday an event was held called Shoot London and involved teams of up to four people meeting in the morning at the Tate Modern Museum and getting their clues before heading our to take photographs. They all had a time […]

Shoot London Lite

We spent most of Sunday wandering around London taking photos for a treasure hunt I had signed us us for a few weeks back. I’ll elaborate more tomorrow, for now here are some of the photos we took and the clues that led us to take each image. Clue 1: He invented the electric motor […]

Red Hot at Earl’s Court

Friday night saw us attending our biggest ever indoor concert, the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Earl’s Court. We left work and made our way to Earl’s Court where we had something to eat before making our way to the venue. This turned out to be a good plan, the doors only opened as we […]

About Friends

Today I’m going to post about a few friends and their sites. Kathy and Sharon are currently travelling the world and they have a travel website detailing their adventures at http://www.ksrtw.com. Their travels make our little trips seem insignificant by comparison. A sunset cruise photo from Cape Town with Will, Maria, Kathy, Sharon, Keryn and […]

Tom Yorke – The Eraser

As part of promo activities for the new Tom Yorke solo album a mysterious cut out of a man has been appearing on London streets this week. I set out to find him at lunchtime today, guessing that today he would show up in the vicinity of the Gherkin building. My guess proved correct and […]

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