Dave at Dingwalls

We saw Dave Dobbyn at Dingwalls in Camden last night and it was a proper Kiwi experience. Dave was funny and enjoying himself and everyone (wall to wall Kiwi expats) had a blast. Not only did I win tickets to the concert and get a free CD but I also got thrown a t-shirt by Dave after he searched the front row for a large man… I argue that everyone else at the front was short and small. Dave gave out t-shirts and also distributed lots of Kiwi tucker like pineapple lumps and peanut slabs, one of which nearly clocked Keryn in the face as he threw it into the crowd! As usual we had arrived early and sat on the stage waiting for the bands to play. It was a lot cooler inside the underground cavern of Dingwalls than the 30 degrees plus outside. I got talking to a photographer while we waited and spurred on by his shooting took a load of photos, some of which I’ll upload to the gallery later. The only pity was the lateness of our arrival home, sleep not coming till after 1am.

Dave Dobbyn at Dingwalls.
Dave Dobbyn at Dingwalls.

The photographer I was speaking to has a website and he takes rather good shots. He spent 9 months on one contract travelling through Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda last year and next year he gets to photograph all the All Blacks games at the World Cup, followed by a contract in Namibia and then he’s off to the Caribbean to photograph the NZ Cricket team taking part in the Cricket World Cup. I am insanely jealous of Scottie.

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