Last night at St Bride’s

We attended a Christmas Concert at St Bride’s last night. Performing were Jethro Tull, though it was really Ian Anderson with a bunch of friends performing a range of tunes which included some Jethro Tull songs amongst others. Keryn, Jim and I had dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen up by St Paul’s and then […]

At long last (or nearly anyway)

Bridget, your DVD’s of photos are nearly on their way. I will burn the DVD’s after this post and they’ll be sent either tomorrow or Wednesday, with a little luck they’ll be with you for Christmas. There are the adjusted photos plus black and white copies on the two DVD’s. I’ve also included some edited […]


We had our Citizenship Ceremony this morning and are both now officially British, though we get to keep our New Zealand citizenship as well. Next step is to get UK passports and then that’s one 5 and a half year task complete. In other news I’ve switched to the new beta version of Blogger and […]


In the afternoon I made my way to East Putney and the Chakalaka resturant for an Africa in Focus reunion. Twelve of us made it and spent a number of hours talking about the last year while eating and drinking African food. I left after only an hour to travel out to Heathrow to meet […]


So this is where we get to stay, Cliveden House. And look at the rates… Rates Classic Double Room – From £295.00 Deluxe Double Room – From £395.00 Suite – From £480.00 Deluxe Suite – From £595.00 Spring Cottage -From £1,375.00 ‘Guests have included every British monarch since George I as well as Charlie Chaplin, […]

Cooking, Competition, Winning and Michael

Today has been a good day. This morning I got an email from Jennifer at Dar Roumana saying that she would be happy to give us a cooking lesson on the full day of our stay. She mentioned she was just about to go out with some young Brits on a cooking day and was […]

The other day in the Times…

During conversation I’ll often pipe up saying “The other day in the Times…” and then spout some fact I’ve picked up during my morning read. I was reading the Travel section on the way home from work today and took interest in the ‘Wintersun for a song‘ article. I was surprised and happy to read […]

Arriving / Departing

Keryn gets in to Auckland airport in about 7 minutes according to the arrival guide on Singapore Airlines website. She’ll be in New Zealand until next weekend, flying out again to arrive back in London on the afternoon of the 3rd December. I meanwhile have enjoyed watching the All Blacks confirm their status as the […]

Not good news

Keryn’s maternal Grandmother passed away last night. It looks likely that Keryn will be heading to NZ in the next day or so to spend time with her family.

He directs movies

After work today I headed down to the Forbidden Planet store to have a nose around and also to check out the queue for the evenings signing session by Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo has directed a number of movies I have liked (Mimic, Blade II, Hellboy) and was in London promoting his new movie Pan’s […]


The guestbook is now active, check it out using the link above (which now works!). That is all, I must now go watch Planet Earth.

Guy Fawkes

It’s November 4th and that apparently means it’s time for fireworks. I always thought that the 5th was Guy Fawkes, I guess the fact that the 5th is a Sunday makes it unpalatable to the working masses so the sky lights up a day early. I worked today and afterwards made my way to Camden […]

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