Guy Fawkes

It’s November 4th and that apparently means it’s time for fireworks. I always thought that the 5th was Guy Fawkes, I guess the fact that the 5th is a Sunday makes it unpalatable to the working masses so the sky lights up a day early.

I worked today and afterwards made my way to Camden Market to meet up with Rosie, Craig and Tim. Tim was on a whirlwind tour of London taking in various sights and I found a seat at a bar overlooking the food stalls at the Lock Market and spent an hour or so people watching and reading my paper while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Food Stalls bring in the people.
Food Stalls bring in the people

The cousins arrived and we talked over a pint or two as the moon rose in a midnight blue sky. Autumn seems to have turned into winter overnight, the last few days have been clear but cold with a chilly breeze floating in from the north sea. Eventually it got to cold and it was time to leave, but not before heading back into the new warrens of the market in search of a bit of food (mainly for Craig and Tim). As luck would have it it seems that mid evening and the closing of the stalls coincides with discounts at the more permanent food establishments – many were offering hot food for £2 a punnet which is great value. Craig wandered the various offerings taking in Moroccan, Chinese and Indian before choosing a good looking stand to order from. I grabbed a couple of photos as he and Tim tucked in.

Good food at Camden Markets.
Good food at Camden Markets

Tim in London.
Tim in London

Food consumed we walked to the street and went out separate ways. I headed north to Chalk Farm tube station while the others headed south to the Camden overland. I should have gone their way, my tube journey took ages because of engineering work disruptions and slow trains. At least I got to see plenty of bright fireworks on the overland trip home from Liverpool Street I suppose.

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