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After work today I headed down to the Forbidden Planet store to have a nose around and also to check out the queue for the evenings signing session by Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo has directed a number of movies I have liked (Mimic, Blade II, Hellboy) and was in London promoting his new movie Pan’s Labryinth. So I looked around, managed to buy nothing (which is always a notable event for this store) and then figured out the queue was outside.

Thankfully it was not raining and wasn’t very windy, otherwise queuing could have been a miserable experience. About half an hour after 5.30pm I was inside and shortly found myself shaking Guillermo’s hand and exchanging a few words. Most of the words revolved around spelling my name, I never have anything meaningful to say to famous, talented people. I got my copy of Hellboy (USA Directors cut 3 disc edition) signed and also took one of the Pan’s Labryinth posters and had that signed as well. I then handed my camera (now even more intimidating with add on flash unit) to the nearest staff member and asked him to take a photo. Completely unfazed he managed to take the photo and I’ve included it below.

Guillermo del Toro shakes my hand.
Guillermo del Toro shakes my hand

Guillermo was a very friendly man with a smile constantly on his face, greeting everyone with a handshake and a quick chat. I’m glad I met him, however briefly.

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