Never saw a Donkey

Patricia and Sam visited Friday night and Saturday after seeing ‘The Cat Empire’ play at the Shepherds Bush Empire on Thursday night. We went out for dinner in Brentwood on Friday night and Saturday was spent consuming pancakes for breakfast before we headed out on a short walk taking in the Brentwood post office (birth certificates are on their way – not long now Francie!) and then wandering a little bit out of town for a short bush excersion.


We’ve walked through the Donkey Plantation before, this time we took a shorter route. The woods were much greener this time around and looked more welcoming. The path was still cut up by cyclists but the mainly dry weather of summer so far meant it wasn’t bad. Keryn and I were trying out our new boots purchased the week before, beginning to break them in before Africa and our Abel Tasman walk in NZ.

The green woods of the Donkey Plantation.
The green woods of the Donkey Plantation

We then headed back home and had lunch sitting outside. In the space of 15 minutes we went from a rather intense heat to cloud and wind before it started drizzling so back inside we went. Keryn spent a while regailing Patricia and Sam with commentary to our Middle East photo albums and then they were off, back to London.

Taking a photo break on our short walk.
Taking a photo break on our short walk

We spent Sunday in London, seeing a movie with Lesa and her boyfriend (Lesa works at LST, same floor as Keryn) before spending the rest of the day attempting to go shopping. It wasn’t wildly successful, the sales have all started and Keryn is struggling to find the clothes she wants. We’ll get there in the end.

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  1. ah yes, the rare brendon sean doran, known for preferring to take photos than be in them. Recognisable by prominent ears.

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