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I’ve had a busy day today. This morning Angela Palmer left the company after 7 years and I have been busy taking photos of various work people for the last week. Simon had an idea to fill an A3 presentation portfolio with peoples photos and each person also signed their best wishes to Angela. I took a few more photos during the presentation and the last page has just been finished.

There was a diversion shortly after this as I made my way into the centre of London to visit the Forbidden Planet store. Terry Brooks was present from 1pm for a book signing and I had a few things to get signed. The queue was short and before long I was speaking to Terry while he signed my books. He also agreed to a photo, see below.

Terry Brooks at Forbidden Planet, London.
Terry Brooks at Forbidden Planet, London

Later this evening Robin Hobb will also be signing at Forbidden Planet so I’m going to head to that as well. After that Keryn and I may head off to the movies to see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or we may go home. Thats enough for me, I’m off to eat a muffin.

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