Patty and Sam were in Wellington for a week or so for a Hay family celebration and spent some time with us. I took them to Zealandia and drove them all around as we visited people and places. We visited Sue at the Island Bay home of Compassion and had a walk around which included […]


Our last holiday in the UK (this time around) saw us travel up north to New Mills and visit Patty and Sam. We stayed the night and then travelled together up to Northumberland where we stayed at the Old Repeater Station near the middle of Haridan’s Wall. Over the long weekend we walked parts of […]

What we’ve been up to recently…

Well, lots of things have been happening over the past few months (yes I know it’s been a while, I’m sorry, busy, new role at work, changing blogs and website templates, that sort of stuff is to blame). We’ve been up to Grantham to visit Jenny a few weeks before Isabella was born; we’ve been […]

The park and dinner with Family

Patricia and Sam came with us from Manchester to Brentwood and we’ve had their company for the last few days. Today Bridget and Dean also turned up so there is a family atmosphere at the Doran stronghold in Brentwood. Earlier today we, being Keryn and I, went for a walk in the Thorndon Country Park […]

Christmas Day

Today was spent preparing food, watching DVD’s, eating said food and relaxing. There was also a little walk as the evening went from sunset to dusk. Rather than go into details here are a few photos of our hosts and the house where this all happened. Preparing dinner Walking after dinner At the hilltop New […]

Christmas Eve

Today we had a lazy start before heading out into New Mills for a bit of shopping. Christmas dinner is going to be Mexican flavoured this year, just for something different. We purchased food and wine for tomorrow and then walked back to the house for a bit more relaxing. The guys over the valley […]

A service annoucement

We’re having Internet access issues at home and as I can’t update the blog at work we’re going to possibly have fewer updates than normal over the next few weeks. The open field we walked through to get down towards the stream that ran along the valley that the Sanctuary called home For now we’re […]

Because Catherine says so

It’s been quiet here on the Blogging front, possibly a combination of being busy, the onset of winter and the family visits recently. Lets go back through the last few weeks then shall we? This week I was at Leeds on Sunday night so I could be at the LS City Walk Office first thing […]

It’s working

The computer is working again so all is well (though we’ve ordered a new laptop now, for travelling as well as home). The power supply seems to be the faulty part, lucky I had a spare. I went with Ollie to a concert by Feist at Scala on Tuesday night. Sitting outside at a pub […]

A long weekend

A week ago was the last May bank holiday weekend and we had a busy time in London. On Saturday we went for a bit of a walk and visited the Tate Modern which was in the midst of a long weekend festival. We happened to time our arrival with a piece of performance art […]

Jim & Angela

With almost no mistakes we found ourselves pulling into the driveway, parking up just in front of the Farmers Market stall out the front of the house. We had to move the car to the next driveway so as not to block access to the stall and we knocked on the door to be let […]

More Moors and Dales

So today we have some more photos from our trip up in Yorkshire. This time we have a different Abbey, a funny looking bird and a spring display in York. Photos at Rievaulx Abbey Checking out Ethel the White Headed Vulture at the Falconry Centre Spring alive and well outside the old town walls of […]

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