It’s working

The computer is working again so all is well (though we’ve ordered a new laptop now, for travelling as well as home). The power supply seems to be the faulty part, lucky I had a spare.

I went with Ollie to a concert by Feist at Scala on Tuesday night. Sitting outside at a pub drinking in the sun was almost as enjoyable as the concert itself. My bag was confiscated due to my professional looking camera so there are no photos. On Thursday night Keryn and I saw the Scissor Sisters perform at the O2 Arena inside the remodelled Dome and we had a good time. No finicky photo police this time so there are Scissor Sisters photos in the gallery. Yesterday we went to the Ben & Jerry’s Summer Sundae at Clapham Common along with Patricia, Sam and Katherine. It was a good day, there was sun, good food, music and lots of ice cream.

The Ben & Jerry's Helter-Skelter.
The Ben & Jerry’s Helter-Skelter

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