Chatting by the sea

Down Paekakariki way

I’ve just started another run of night shifts and was happy to see that a few musicians I like were playing at the Paekakariki in the Park event at a time that meant I could get a decent sleep before driving north to catch the music. Running for the first time this year Paekakariki in the Park is a free community festival with live music, stalls and a few carnival sideshows including a slippery slide which proved exceptionally popular with the kids.

Chatting by the seaPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Chatting with a sea view.

We only had a few hours between me getting up and having to get home for dinner and getting ready for work so it was good that both Rosy Tin Teacaddy and The Eastern were playing in the available window of time. We’d caught the start of Rosy Tin Teacaddy’s performance the other day after Jess Chambers set at the Summer Magic concert series. The Eastern we had previously seen open for Fleetwood Mac in New Plymouth last year.

Rosy Tin TeacaddyPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Rosie Tin Teacaddy.

Rosy Tin TeacaddyPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Billy Earl.

Rosy Tin TeacaddyPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Betty Grey.

Both acts were really good. Rosy Tin Teacaddy had a few power issues at the start of their set but once that was all sorted out we sat back and relaxed to perfect sunny afternoon folk music (pity it wasn’t sunny). The Eastern were more energetic and after a few songs they had plenty of people up and dancing along to their lively sounds. It was very much a community event and everyone seemed chilled and happy, it was a pity we couldn’t have stayed longer. Hopefully we’ll be back next year.

The EasternPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

The Eastern.

The EasternPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Adam McGrath.

The EasternPhoto by Brendon & Keryn


The EasternPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Happy crowd.

More dancingPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

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