Day 2 : Mexico City

There were various options for our first day of the GAP adventure proper and we had chosen to visit the pyramids outside of Mexico City at Teotihuacán. This was organised through the hotel and we were met in reception at 9am by our guide for the day, Noah. There were nine of us from the […]

Day 1 : Mexico City cont.

We went downstairs for the group meeting and were a little confused when no-one had arrived by just past 6pm. Turned out we had our clocks set an hour early, that’ll explain the peaceful morning walk. At the real 6pm we joined with the rest of the group and Juan-Pablo (our tour leader) in the […]

Day 1 : Mexico City

We spent today walking and I think the Rough Guide is correct in saying that the altitude of Mexico City makes a person easily tired when they’re not used to the slightly thinner atmosphere. The trip saw us leaving around 9am, via the supermarket for a packed lunch, and then south past the Sullivan Park […]


Today we find ourselves in Mexico City at the Hotel Mallorca. We got to the Hotel this morning around 5:30am and after getting our room pretty much just went to bed. The trip had taken us from Heathrow flying with Kuwait Airlines to New York (an uneventful trip). At JFK Airport we had a wait […]


Our last holiday in the UK (this time around) saw us travel up north to New Mills and visit Patty and Sam. We stayed the night and then travelled together up to Northumberland where we stayed at the Old Repeater Station near the middle of Haridan’s Wall. Over the long weekend we walked parts of […]

Last Day

So it’s the last day at work for Keryn and I before we head off on our travelling. Very strange. Nearly time to say goodbye London.

Leaving drinks

Last night we had drinks to mark the leaving of our jobs. We had been recommended a bar in Farringdon called The Fence and it was a very good night, thankfully the weather was nice so we spent a lot of time outside. Lots of photos in the gallery, here are a couple. With Roger […]


The Landsecurities social committee had an Olympics event last week at a bar near the Strand offices. Other than free drink and food there was also a number of sporting events played out on the Wii, naturally using the Olympics game. Great fun was had with most people trying their hardest, as you can see. […]

Step 1001 move out

On Saturday morning around 9:30am three men turned up in a Pickfords truck. Over the next six and a bit hours they proceeded to pack all of our things into boxes, wrapping everything up and stacking it in the back of the truck. At 3:00pm a couple of cleaners arrived as well and shortly after […]

The Ritz & Freecycling

A while back Keryn, Fawzia and Heidi came up with the idea of going to the Ritz for high tea but for a variety of reasons it never happened. Keryn has been wanting to go before we left the UK so has been looking on the Ritz website trying to find a slot that might […]


Very quick this one. There was an impressive and slow moving electrical storm making it’s way past Brentwood tonight. Here are a couple of shots of the show. Lightning across the sky Lightning bolt!

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