Photo5: Confetti in Motion

Photo5 2010: Confetti in motion

A lovely morning with light wind had me out on the deck shooting another idea, this time for the Confetti in Motion category.

It took a lot of tries to get decent confetti action, not so easy without an assistant to let the confetti fly, hold out my hand and fire the camera. In the end the camera was on a 10 second timer.

It also took a while to sort out the correct focus, out of shot is the chair I used to mark the correct distance for the hand. On the ground was a blanket so picking up the confetti would be easier, though picking up the confetti between shots was still not fun. The off camera flash was propped up on a monopod leaning against the camera (itself on a tripod).

The most boring video you might ever see, but at least the music is good.

After all that I still had to clean up a few things in photoshop and crop the image. Thankfully the best photo wasn’t the one with Earl’s tail poking up into the frame, that would have taken a lot more work to remove. I think it came out OK in the end.

Photo5: Confetti in MotionPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Confetti in motion.

Oh, I found the confetti at a shop off Lampton Quay in Wellington at a party supplies shop in the mall that contains the Homeware shop and access to Borders.

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One thought on “Photo5 2010: Confetti in motion

  1. Love the focus on the hand, looks like the confetti is spawning out of your hand into a whirlwind, great effect

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