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One night only

Leaving Sydney for Melbourne happened quite smoothly. We did have a bit of a wait for a bus but some timely advice from a local shopkeeper around which bus stop to use saved us waiting even longer. We got to Sydney airport in plenty of time and were soon enough waiting for our flight to board. The Melbourne arrival was similarly trouble free and it wasn’t long from picking up our bags to being in a taxi heading towards the Kingsville home of good friends Steve and Christine.

Seeing Chris again was great, nothing much had changed since our last visit back in 2001 other than the arrival of two children and a linked absorption of household space. We had an afternoon of catching up while Chris did everything that needed to be done at home. Steve arrived home from work and after the kids had gone to bed we had a few drinks, ate take-out curry and caught up on the years gone by.

MG 4390Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Filling out forms.

MG 4407Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Father and son.

Our flight to Perth the next day wasn’t until the early evening so we had most of the day in company with the Thornton’s. We had a nice walk through the neighbourhood to a nearby playground and from there walked on to a local cafe for brunch. The afternoon was largely spend in the back yard playing with Sam and Jessica while talking about many things. Keryn signed a few documents related to obtaining passports for the kids, we made sure everything was packed and Steve ordered a taxi to get us back to the airport. A little more than a day was too short for a proper catchup, hopefully we won’t leave it so long until next time.

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