The 2011 Canon Photo5 competition is underway and the first category closes for entries today. The category asks for creative close-up photos of foam and these are a few of my attempts, with my entry the last. Photo by Brendon & Keryn Multiple colours. Photo by Brendon & Keryn Contrasting colours. Photo by Brendon & […]

Entered, almost

I’ve pretty much run out of time to take more photos for the Photo5 competition so I’ve uploaded four of my five entries. You can see the entries by clicking on the Photo5 image below. The one photo I haven’t uploaded is for the Inspired by Sound category. I want to enter the following photo […]

Photo5 2010: Confetti in motion

A lovely morning with light wind had me out on the deck shooting another idea, this time for the Confetti in Motion category. It took a lot of tries to get decent confetti action, not so easy without an assistant to let the confetti fly, hold out my hand and fire the camera. In the […]

Photo5 2010: Eye dropper part II

After taking a break I went back to see what else I could find in the close-up world of water drops and lilies. Here are some more examples. Photo by Brendon & Keryn The minimalist shot. Photo by Brendon & Keryn The contrast shot. Photo by Brendon & Keryn The lost in a field of […]

Photo5 2010: Eye dropper

Time to play with another Photo5 category. I’ve been playing with the eye dropper/close-up brief today and have been experimenting with water drops on lilies. Photo by Brendon & Keryn As a first go with a drop of water at the end of the flower this is OK but isn’t that interesting. Photo by Brendon […]

Smoke continued

Right, a couple more photos taken after dinner: Photo by Brendon & Keryn Front on with a different spoon Photo by Brendon & Keryn Who knew spoons could be so interesting And this is what it looks like in the makeshift home studio, also known as the dining room: Photo by Brendon & Keryn One […]

Photo5 2010: Smoke

It’s Photo5 time again and I’ve started taking photos. The categories this year seem to favour the macro photographer, we have the following: Close-up (using an eye dropper, so things like water drops); Portraiture (using bubblegum, I’ve never been able to blow bubblegum); Black and White (using the smoke from burning incense) ; Motion (using […]


Spring is in the air, there is lots or rain and wind about. Photography has taken a back seat recently, coinciding with one of my lenses being sent up to Auckland for repair after the auto focus motor failed. It was an expensive fix, but much cheaper than buying a new lens. Naturally, back seat […]

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