An interruption

I know the blog is ages behind, arriving back in NZ has put big brakes on my travelling catchup. I’ll get there in the end. Here’s a brief rundown of what we’ve done since coming back to NZ in late February. We went up to Whangarei and stayed with Keryn’s parents while we started looking […]

Wedding photos

It has been a while but today I was able to upload the photos taken by myself at Bridget and Dean’s Wedding last year. Our current hosting package had it’s one year anniversary today so I was able to upgrade our package to give us lots more space. So, click the photo below to see […]

Back in the UK

So we’re back, work is upon us and our brief trip is a fast fading memory. I’ve got a pile of wedding photos I’m slowly processing (I’ll get there Bridget) and we’re got a long weekend break in Paris coming up in a few days. To tide you over until the wedding photos are unleashed […]

And now New Zealand

After a whirlwind tour we have now found ourselves in Tekapo. We’ve been up north and stayed with Keryn’s family, going for walks on the beach and in the forest and also spending time with our cats. Then it was down to Timaru and time with my family before The Big Day, my sister Bridget […]

and now somewhere near Whangarei

December 1st Today we visited the Zion Wildlife Gardens just outside of Whangarei. We hadn’t heard about the place until Travis emailed us a picture of him and a white tiger cub taken a couple of weeks ago. Once we found out a bit more we were keen to visit and see some lions and […]

Africa is still coming…for now a quick Australia and NZ update

So I still haven’t written much of anything about the last week or so in Africa…hopefully in the next few days. We’ve had a great time in Australia staying with Steve and Chris in Melbourne. Plenty of shopping and a bit of tourist activity with a couple of days driving along the Great Ocean Road […]

A message from Richard

Hello. This is a photo of our grandparents headstone that Jenna’s Father took a few months ago. The row that the headstone is in is opposite the row where Jenna’s brother Heath is buried. It was one year ago last Saturday that he died and Jenna and I visited Dad’s parents grave while we were […]

Wedding photos

Posing for the official photos, a cheap hack like myself takes all the opportunity he can get Christine, posing alone

Wedding photo

Stephen and Christine having the first dance at the reception after having cut the cake


The Wedding is now over and we’re up here in Hamilton for the day, catching up with a few people and relaxing.


We’re here now. It was a stress-free trip, all things considered (i.e. we were flying economy) and the only hitch was the fact our tripod didn’t arrive with us in Auckland. The airport staff were very friendly and helpful, they took all the details and said they’d call once they had any news. There was […]

Our Itinerary

Our itinerary for March’s NZ trip: Sat 15 Mar London 21:05 -> Bangkok 15:30 (Flight TG917) Sun 16 Mar Bangkok 17:35 -> Auckland 12:00 (Flight TG991) Mon 17 Mar Arrive Auckland 12:00   Auckland -> Whangarei Tue 18 Mar Whangarei Wed 19 Mar Whangarei Thu 20 Mar Whangarei -> Hamilton (for Lunch) -> New Plymouth […]

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