We’re here now. It was a stress-free trip, all things considered (i.e. we were flying economy) and the only hitch was the fact our tripod didn’t arrive with us in Auckland. The airport staff were very friendly and helpful, they took all the details and said they’d call once they had any news. There was […]

Our Itinerary

Our itinerary for March’s NZ trip: Sat 15 Mar London 21:05 -> Bangkok 15:30 (Flight TG917) Sun 16 Mar Bangkok 17:35 -> Auckland 12:00 (Flight TG991) Mon 17 Mar Arrive Auckland 12:00   Auckland -> Whangarei Tue 18 Mar Whangarei Wed 19 Mar Whangarei Thu 20 Mar Whangarei -> Hamilton (for Lunch) -> New Plymouth […]

Up in Whangarei

Hello, We have installed ourselves in Whangarei safely – there’s still a lot of redistribution of boxes and other stuff but it should be easy from here. The cats survived the trip well enough, no real complaints. They seem to have adapted to the new environment no problem. We took them for a bush walk […]

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