We’re here now. It was a stress-free trip, all things considered (i.e. we were flying economy) and the only hitch was the fact our tripod didn’t arrive with us in Auckland. The airport staff were very friendly and helpful, they took all the details and said they’d call once they had any news. There was a phone call this morning from Air NZ here in Whangarei – they had the tripod and wanted to know where to send it. In teh end a airport shuttle was dispatched with teh tripod and it turned up before lunchtime.

We met up with Kery’ns parents and Travis in Auckland, went down to Hamilton where we met Steve, Chris and Mandy and then went to various places to try on clothes for the wedding. Then it was back up to Whangarei and a very good nights sleep. We’re not up to much today, just relaxing, taking photos of cats and a trip to the supermarket later.

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