Prague for Christmas

A lamp as found all over Prague Prague was lovely and we had a great time. I’ve got a bunch of photos to upload, as soon as I can decide on how the page will look. Thanks to all for Christmas gifts and well wishes, we’ll attempt more personal replies over the New Year break.


Some photos from this morning. Looking towards the sunrise St Pauls (under repair) in the morning glow One London Wall makes a nice pattern More from One London Wall


There was a nice sunset tonight

Neil Gaiman at Harrods

I went and saw Neil Gaiman at Harrods this morning. He had put a note on his blog saying he was going to be there at 11am today, so I dutifully packed a bag full of books before I left for work and … left it at home. So, oh well, I wasn’t going to […]

More of the Honeymoon

It wasn’t always sun on our honeymoon, as these shots show. On this day, the 8th of October, we had driven all the way up to Fiskardo at the top of Cephalonia. On the way back coming down the west coast we stopped off at Assos and then Myrto. Myrto Beach is reputedly the most […]

Honeymoon in Greece

We’re back now and are slowly getting back into the swing of normal life. We’ve got thousands of photos to go through from our honeymoon, here are three to keep you going. Week one – The Monasteries of Meteora Week two – The Acropolis in Athens Week three – St George’s Castle on Cephalonia

On Honeymoon

Hi All, So far we have see lots of things, and managing to relax too. We are currently in Athens and we head of to Cefalonia tomorrow. Our first week in Pelion was great. I was a little disappointed with the car at first, at the airport were all these nice new cars, but ours […]

We’re married!

We’re married! Click …here… to see what happened on the day. More photos will be put up once we’re back from honeymoon. …Click… for wedding photos


Hello all. Our website was updated over the weekend (it’s now running on Windows 2003 Servers) and as a result the guestbook isn’t working right now. Everything else should be fine. Only three more days of work after today, Keryn’s off already and is spending time with Heidi who flew in from NZ last night. […]

St Pauls seasons

St. Pauls from work through the seasons: winter, autumn, spring. Through the seasons

No more kilt

And in wedding related news I’m no longer getting married in a kilt due to supply issues… they couldn’t supply the right size and styles for Steve and Jim. So, now it’s the more traditional suit thingy, I hope that doesn’t upset anyone. Anyone who wants to wear a kilt is more than welcome to.

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