A brief interruption (updated)

The website wasn’t working earlier today because somehow a virus had got onto the hosting server and had added malicious code to all files called ‘index.php’ (or at least that what looks like happened to me). Thankfully I was able to find updated copies of all the infected files and replace them but it was very annoying. I don’t think the affected files would have caused any problems for people, it just made the blog, gallery and guestbook stop working.

03/12/2008: OK, so it broke again. It looks like the files were again replaced by unknown means. I’ve now reset passwords, locked things down and replaced the files again.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary please let me know, the email details are on the about page.

Brendon (in Cusco, on holiday, and not wanting to fix webpages because that’s too much like work)

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